Journey into the New Year

What would you like to have accomplished come year’s end? Write a letter today that you will open at the end of 2014 and say, “Job well done!”

A new year gives all of us a natural opportunity to assess where we currently are as well as where we would like to be. There can be great worth in exploiting this time of year for all its inherent momentum to change an individual’s course.

Develop your own unique list of at least 5 objectives you would like to realize. Take a holistic approach; ensure you incorporate both professional and personal goals. While compiling your thoughts, push aside the “wish” word. Rather, be proactive and be honest with yourself about what you truly would like to achieve. As we kick off January, begin to take the necessary actions to safeguard positive results.

When developing your list, think about the following:

  • Set specific and measurable objectives. Ask yourself what you could accomplish by reasonably stretching yourself. Be straightforward and fair.
  • Perhaps you want to build on something you previously started but did not yet fully complete. Now you are ready to take it to the next level. Maybe you will choose to minimize a weakness this year, learn a new skill, or enhance a current talent.
  • Throughout the year, check in as often as you need to remain focused on your objectives. Acknowledge your successes, and/or recalibrate where needed.
  • Keep in mind that reaching a goal is a process. It may take time but with each step you are moving towards your objective. Embrace and respect its unfolding.
  • Learn from the challenges along the way. Find value in each experience. Recognize and acknowledge progress as you move towards your goal.
  • Track your successes. Many times, people lose sight of how far they progress during a particular year. As time moves quickly we may dismiss or even forget small successes. Acknowledging each footprint created to reach your intended end will encourage you. Results do not come overnight; success is part of a longer process.

Begin this new year taking control of what you can. Ensure that as you move through your days, weeks and months you consciously make time to invest in yourself. Adding to your skills and talents will be of value to yourself and to those around you.